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Horseback riding on the Drava river

| A romantic horseback ride for two |

| Ride the river |Nature park Natura 2000 |

| Feel the freedom |

| Nature from a higher point of view |

| 2,5h of horseback riding adventure |


Drava has a funny way of hiding its true beauty – the only people who are allowed to see it are those who are curious enough. If you manage to escape the main roads and city centers and step into the heart of this flowing giant you’ll be pleasantly surprised. The hidden Drava is characterized by untouched nature.


The most beautiful corners are easiest to see on a unique horseback riding adventure. Saddle a majestic horse and ride through vast Prlekija plains, the diverse forests, colorful wine hills and the hidden gems of the mighty Drava.

Wet horseback rides are possible in a small number of locations – and Drava river is one of them. Only 10km of unregulated river bed holds a small island, which is home to a unique riding path. An area that is part of Natura 2000 nature park.


Choose your riding adventure based on your experience and time of year:

  1. wet riding on Drava River

  2. a ride to the old press

  3. a ride to Hum

  4. across the Jeruzalem-Ormož hills


Are you looking for more?
North and northwest of Središče ob Dravi is the beginning of the wine region. A place that will have you enjoy a diverse hill region, tidy vineyards, culinary delights, excellent wines and local kindness.


Take the next step and try a carriage ride – a great choice for special occasions such as weddings, golden weddings, anniversaries or just for your pleasure. You don’t need a car when you come to Prlekija, listen to the horse shoe thuds and travel back in time watching the diverse landscape.

Who they are?

Meet Princ and Polonca
The 2,5h adventure will be accompanied by Princ and Polonca, our two horses, and their owner Božo. Princ and Polonca are kind to beginners and experienced horseback riders. Božo will help you choose the right trail based on your wishes, your experience and the time of year.