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Jeruzalem - Prlekija

Where the high green grass meets the crystal blue skies.


Spend your holiday accompanied by the sounds of nature, without the distractions of the outside world. Learn about the beauties of eastern Slovenia through an active and sporty adventure on the sunny hills of Prlekija.


Pamper your body and mind with great wine and local gourmet indulgence. And if you start to miss the city beat, look no further than 4km away in Ljutomer.

The most colorful parts of tiny Slovenia

The Ljutomer-Ormož hills are known for more than just excellent wine. They are famous for their amazing landscape, one of the most beautiful sceneries in the world. The golden-green fields,

colorful houses and booming meadows and forests are dressed in a rich color palette. Shiny under the sun – these rich colors embrace the landscape from early morning until sunset.


Jeruzalem prides itself on pretty vistas and a pilgrim church on every hilltop. Characterized by Romans, cruisaders, pilgrims on their way to the Holy land and Turks, Jeruzalem is the juncture of ethnographic uniqueness, diversity and positive energy.