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Wine tastings

An off-road wine tasting and culinary adventure in Jeruzalem, Slovenia

Jeruzalem-Ormož wine region is a heaven for wine lovers, especially for white wine tasting. You can try out local Slovenian wines in the wine cellar at your rental house, explore other wine cellars in the region on your own, or go on a countryside wine tour with a jeep.


wine tour

The guided 4x4 wine tour starts with a pickup at your accommodation. Your personal driver and experienced guide Mišek is a local winemaker and wine expert. Do you want to learn more about winemaking? Can you tell the difference between grape varieties? Do you enjoy anecdotes and local stories from the past? Then this exploration of the top Styrian wines, tradition and authentic countryside will be a holiday experience to remember.

The guided tour includes:

  • pickup at the agreed time at Podhamer holiday house;

  • jeep ride;

  • stops at 3 wine cellars (Puklavec, Hlebec, Svetinje or Malek), in each you will taste 3–5 wines (dry to sweet varieties);

  • a personal guide and driver, who will explain the local winemaking tradition;

  • stop at the tavern Taverna in Jeruzalem, a top rated local restaurant on Tripadvisor, known for exquisite Central European and local cuisine and its wine-cellar design.


Duration: 5–6 hours​

*Stops can be adjusted according to your wishes

Local tip #1

Wine tastings are possible throughout the year. If you visit Jeruzalem in autumn, you can participate in a traditional grape harvest, which starts with a hearty breakfast and ends with a nice winter stew for lunch. In November, join the wine festival in Ormož or Ljutomer on St. Martin’s Day and try young wine must (mošt). For horror film enthusiasts the Grossmann Fantastic Film and Wine Festival is held in Prlekija in the summer.

local tip #2

Harvests and wine festivals offer a great opportunity to taste Slovenian homemade specialties and white wines. A list of “must try” delicacies includes pork lard spread with brown bread, warm cottage cheese flat cake, rich pumpkin seed oil, a glass of spritzer, sweet Traminer or the first Slovenian sparkling wine, Styrian champagne from Gornja Radgona.

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