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Horseback Riding Tours in Slovenian Nature Park

A 2.5 hour riding adventure for beginners and experienced riders all year round.
Personalized riding tours, tailored to your experience and season.

Go on a romantic or adventurous horse riding tour, escape the hectic city life and discover the hidden corners of central Europe – the scenic wine terraces, Pannonian plains and luscious river paths with unique wildlife.

Princ & Polonca

You will enjoy a 2.5 hour riding tour on the backs of Princ and Polonca, our two friendly horses. Princ and Polonca are kind to beginners and fearless when carrying experienced horseback riders. Your guide Božo will help you choose the right riding trail, considering your preferences, experience and season.

Drava River trail

The Drava river is a true natural gem in Central Europe – those curious enough to explore it will be pleasantly surprised by its unforeseen beauty.

Drava with its 10km unregulated riverbed offers great opportunities for water adventure. Splash through the river rapids and look for hidden spots around a secluded river island on the back of a horse. Stop and try wild swimming in the vivid meanders. Drava is one of the protected natural habitats in Slovenia where you can truly enjoy the unspoilt wilderness and have a meaningful vacation experience.

horse carriage rides

For those who prefer less adventurous rides but want to travel back in time, we can arrange comfortable carriage rides. Take in the Pannonian countryside or commemorate special occasions like weddings and anniversaries from the comfort of a horse carriage.

jeruzalem wine terraces trail

Jeruzalem Landscape Park is an important Slovenian wine region, where you can not only taste some of the best white wines in the world, but also admire the most memorable agricultural landscape. The best way to explore the nature and culture of this protected park in Prlekija is on a horse, an eco-friendly and extremely fun means of transportation.

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