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Podhamer holiday house is located in the heart of Prlekija. It stands as a proud ornament to one of the last hills in the Ljutomer-Ormož hill region and offers an open view to the curvy wine terraces and the endless plains of the former Pannonian sea.

~ Jeruzalem - Prlekija ~

Where the high green grass meets the crystal blue skies

Hide away in a calm and cozy nook on the way to heaven - on the pier of the Jeruzalem hills, in the midst of high grass and at the reach of the first and last sun rays of each passing day.

Horseback riding on the Drava river

| A romantic horseback ride for two |

Ride the river |Nature park Natura 2000 |

Feel the freedom |

Nature from a higher point of view |

2,5h of horseback riding adventure |

Horseback riding has long been known as a ‘royal’ therapy treatment for the body and mind. Do you know the feelings that contact with a horse – a majestic creature – can stir in you? The feeling of freedom. Inner peace. Reinvigoration. Self-esteem. Are you in?

Bike rides across Jeruzalem, Prlekija and vicinity

Arranged routes across the most beautiful and culture rich spots |

Culinary adventure on two wheels |

Cross- country tracks |

Bike across 4 states |

Learn about the beauty of our Amazon river |

River boat | Island of love |

No route is as beautiful as the one we overcome with our own will. Leave your cars behind and get to know Prlekija with the strength of your own legs – on a bicycle.

Massage under the sky

Regeneration and relaxation |

Pampering under the stars |

Energetic massages |

The ultimate vacation must-do |

Have you ever met a person that feels bad after a relaxing massage? Neither have we. Make massages a must-do part of your vacation ...

Ride a jeep to your wine tasting

Feel Jeruzalem |

Rush off through the wine hills |

Best Prlekija wine tastings |

Anecdotes and stories of our forefathers |

Culinary adventure |

The journey from grape to glass |

Wine tastings are now a 4-wheel adventure! Hop in our white jeep and rush through the rich wine hills to get to know the land where the ‘mothers’ of Prlekija’s best wines grow.